Photographing a  wedding in Seville is more than a normal wedding. It´s a unique experience.

The atmosphere of Seville is special, difficult to explain with a few words. The Guadalquivir River and its riverside , old town, Triana, The Gold tower, The Spain Square, Giralda, … We´ve visited Seville for a lot of times in the last years for weddings, holidays and conferences and always it´s a pleasure.  Every time is different and it´s super cool because depending the part of the year, you find a different city than the last visit.

Lorena & Luis are one of those couples that We will never forget. The truth is that we must take off my hat before them and say to them thanks a lot for the trust, friendship and understanding they placed on us in such a special day for them.

We are sure they will carry Seville (specially Lorena,hahaha) in their hearts and they won´t forget all the moments that they lived at their wedding. We remember many moments, especially when Lorena and her father were in their way to the ceremony with the horse cart.

Nor can I forget the sunset in Abades Triana, where they celebrated their wedding all over. I´d like to say that Abades Triana was breathtaking. This incredible wedding venue is just in the heart of Triana, close to the Guadalquivir River and with an incredible views of the historical Seville center.

Finally, we must say Lorena was wearing one of the coolest wedding dreeses we´ve ever seen in the last years. The wedding dress was designed by Maria Palomo and we were is shock when we saw for the first time.

Lorena & Luis, thank you for everything, for giving me the opportunity to photograph your wedding in Seville, to make a hole in your heart.

Love you guys!

Photos; Erika Biarnes & Victor Lax

Oh wow!! I can´t believe it, Fearless Photographer of the Year! It’s amazing.

I am really proud to receive such an important prize (for the second time!!!). This is the result of a great year of work and I have been lucky enough to photograph stunning couples. They are the real winners of this annual contest.

This year I am the person who will raise the trophy of Fearless Photographer of the year, but this mention is not only mine, but also is for many people who have helped me unselfishly during the last year, specially the photographers who helped us to Erika and me during the last wedding season as; Franck Boutonnet, Alberto Roldán, Victor Linares and Carlos Santanatalia.

Fearless, moreover, put within my reach, the work of incredible photographers. Not only Spanish, but also from around the world. And well, it is very good to recognize the great work of some of them, but in this case I just want to look at your great heart and especially the friendship that I was given by photographers like Fabio Mirulla from Italy, my dear Marius Dragan from Romania. I want to thank you not only for opening your house to me, but also for inspiring and advising me in my career as a photographer. Friends are not the ones who always praise you, but always end up telling the truth.

Finally, I want to thank the unconditional support I have always had from my parents and my brother, especially from Erika, my partner, my 50%, my life, during all these years. I must admit that without your help and confidence it would have been impossible to have enjoyed so much of every wedding season.

Getting to be the photographer of the year does not mean I want to be it again next year, or lose my head, trying to get more prizes with my future images… It goes beyond all those things.

My goal is to tell stories and enjoy the most of the wedding day. Maybe that’s the secret of last year,;) Let’s see what happens this year, 😉

This recognition of Fearless has been the culmination of a great year that I will never forget. A year of great experiences and emotions.

I want to show you the 17 winning photos in the 6 competitions organized by Fearless throughout the year. Enjoy! 😉


When Liz first contacted me to talk about her wedding I was so excited. She and her fiance Stuart were planning to hold their wedding celebrations at the historic Hotel Alfonso XIII in Seville; it was an amazing surprise for me and a real WOW moment!! Another wedding in that amazing city – I couldn´t believe it!!

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Yes!!, summer is here.

I don´t want to steal your time I’ll let the images speak for themselves, but I must warn you that it was very difficult to choose a few photos to show you how amazing Jessie & Steven´s wedding was at Hacienda de San Rafael Seville.

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Adoro mi profesión. Es fantástico tener la suerte de poder fotografiar bodas tan a menudo en lugares tan diferentes. A pesar que había visitado Sevilla en numerosas ocasiones no había tenido todavía la suerte de fotografiar una boda en la capital andaluza. Cuando recibí el correo de Carla comentándome que Luis y ella habían elegido Sevilla como marco para su boda fue una alegría enorme para mi.

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