This is a personalized coaching and mentoring for wedding photographers

It will be 4 days full inmmersion experience at our house. Not only will we talk about our way of understanding wedding photography, but also we will also analyze everything about your portfolio and your way of working in a deep way.

During these four days we will show you everything about light (natural and artificial), composition, moments and moments, magic portraits, and workflow (we will cover our full process of editing photos).

The fourth day you can join us to see how we photograph a real wedding in our city.


This is a personalized online three hours mentoring and coaching for wedding photographers. It´s divided into three parts where you can choose the best one for you:

CRITIQUE:  This is a critique portfolio online for photographers who are ready to grow. This session is a heart to heart discussion about your photography. We will go over your portfolio and any other areas as  

Website evaluation, pricing strategies, marketing and business growth

POST-PRODUCTION: Join us for an intensive three hours workshop where we will share all about our post production process. We will show you how we use all our tools for creating the most personal result. 

VISION: Its time to talk about our way of understanding wedding photography. Why we are taking these kind of photos, what is our mission during the wedding day. Is the best option for learning about our creativity.

I know Victor and his work since I started as a wedding photographer 8 years ago and he has always been a great reference for me, he has inspired me a lot and I have grown up watching his evolution.

I went to his workshop with very high expectations and I have to say that not only has he reached them but he has far exceeded them.

I have learned to look beyond, to see the light with different eyes, to be more selective and non-conformist with the photos I make and keep looking for the good shot. I have learned not to stay with the obvious, to break barriers and to enjoy photography even more if you can and all thanks to this great team formed by Victor and Erika who give everything in the course and also with all the love of the world. Thank you so much for clicking on my head in this wonderful way.


It’s fascinating to get a peak into Victor’s way of seeing the world.

His enthusiasm is contagious and inspired me to team up with a few fellow photographers shortly after the workshop: we meet up on a regular base to put into practice everything we learned by photographing in random places and challenge our usual way of seeing. Victor shared as much as humanly possible in just one day, without repeating the bases he covered earlier in his speech. This workshop was very much worth the extra day after the Fearless Conference!

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Victor is a great photographer, but it is not enough to be a good teacher, you know. I took a risk and joined his workshop and honestly, I am so surprised when I found an amazing teacher in the class. It’s rare for a speaker to have the ideas, tips, excitement and inspiration that makes you excited for your next shooting. Be ready for depth learning from business tricks to new shooting techniques, from documentary wedding basics to photo selecting methods, and more. Thank you one more time Victor. It was amazing to be your student and being your friend.


If I could use a single word to describe Victor Lax’s workshop, it will be for sure this: Inspiring! It was amazing to see how he thinks when he shoots, how he sees and uses the light, how he works with his couples, and how he tell’s the story. I think he is one of the best photographers in the world right now, and I am really happy I went to his workshop, and had the chance to learn from him! I totally recomand his workshop to every photographer outhere!