Oh wow!! I can´t believe it, Fearless Photographer of the Year! It’s amazing.

I am really proud to receive such an important prize (for the second time!!!). This is the result of a great year of work and I have been lucky enough to photograph stunning couples. They are the real winners of this annual contest.

This year I am the person who will raise the trophy of Fearless Photographer of the year, but this mention is not only mine, but also is for many people who have helped me unselfishly during the last year, specially the photographers who helped us to Erika and me during the last wedding season as; Franck Boutonnet, Alberto Roldán, Victor Linares and Carlos Santanatalia.

Fearless, moreover, put within my reach, the work of incredible photographers. Not only Spanish, but also from around the world. And well, it is very good to recognize the great work of some of them, but in this case I just want to look at your great heart and especially the friendship that I was given by photographers like Fabio Mirulla from Italy, my dear Marius Dragan from Romania. I want to thank you not only for opening your house to me, but also for inspiring and advising me in my career as a photographer. Friends are not the ones who always praise you, but always end up telling the truth.

Finally, I want to thank the unconditional support I have always had from my parents and my brother, especially from Erika, my partner, my 50%, my life, during all these years. I must admit that without your help and confidence it would have been impossible to have enjoyed so much of every wedding season.

Getting to be the photographer of the year does not mean I want to be it again next year, or lose my head, trying to get more prizes with my future images… It goes beyond all those things.

My goal is to tell stories and enjoy the most of the wedding day. Maybe that’s the secret of last year,;) Let’s see what happens this year, 😉

This recognition of Fearless has been the culmination of a great year that I will never forget. A year of great experiences and emotions.

I want to show you the 17 winning photos in the 6 competitions organized by Fearless throughout the year. Enjoy! 😉


We are very happy to show you our last wedding we photographed a few weekends ago at Almiral de la Font, one of the coolest wedding venues in Barcelona.

The main characters of this beautiful love story are, my dear Kendall & Jeff, an American couple who is living in Seattle and they decided to organize a really cool wedding at Almiral de la Font to celebrate they are totally madly in love.

Before they were engaged, Kendall visited Barcelona for a short vacation and she felt in love with people and the atmosphere of the city. When she came back home and Jeff proposed  her to get married… So you can imagine she didn’t have any doubts about the place and the city, 😉

It was a really nice experience to photograph this wedding at Almiral de la Font, we loved the naturalness that surrounded the wedding. It was as everyone had the freedom to do what they wanted and how they wanted. The couple also treated us as their guests every moment, being participant with them throughout the day. It´s always a challenge to document a wedding, but weddings like this, with few guests is still more. The couple set no rules for us and gave us the chance to work freely to be absorbed by the atmosphere.

This time Erika couldn’t to photograph this wedding with me and I invited to my good friend Victor Linares for helping me during the whole day. Was a pleasure to share a wedding him, thanks man!!

Enjoy with our selection;

Photos; Víctor Lax & Víctor Linares

No podiamos olvidarnos de crear una galería con lo mejor del 2018!

Cuando miramos hacia atrás y recordamos lo que fue el año pasado, no podemos dejar de sonreír y al mismo tiempo pensar cómo hemos tenido tiempo de hacer tantas cosas. Muy a menudo le digo a Erika que estamos viviendo dos vidas en una. Es obvio que un año tiene 365 días, pero podemos decir que 2018 tuvo 730 días para nosotros, ¡jajaja!

En 2018 tuvimos la suerte de fotografiar un montón de bodas realmente increíbles (y organizar unas cuantas más con nuestra segunda marca), visitar 14 países (algunos de ellos hasta en 4 ocasiones, como es el caso en Italia),ser invitado a dar charlas en conferencias que siempre había soñado alrededor de todo el mundo y también, como no, multitud de talleres. Y si a todo esto le añadimos que a mediados del años nos mudamos a nuestra nueva casa y además el lanzamiento de nuestra nueva  web, seguramente muchos de vosotros pensaréis que definitivamente un año para nosotros tiene 730 días, ¡jajaja! (Si os digo que también me rompí el coxis dos veces en menos de 4 meses, estoy seguro de que ya no vais a creerme, ¿verdad?)

Fotografiar muchas bodas ha sido una aventura, no solo por que nos hemos recorrido España de punta a punta, sino también nos ha tocado volar a  países como Suiza, Eslovaquia o Chipre, donde fotografiamos bodas que nunca olvidaremos. Nos encanta fotografiar bodas en España, pero, por supuesto, cuando una pareja de otro país nos propone ser su fotógrafo, un sentimiento de inmensa felicidad recorre todo nuestro cuerpo. Por supuesto, no podemos olvidar a nuestras queridas bodas en las Islas Baleares, especialmente Mallorca, nuestra isla favorita. Cada boda es siempre única! .

Comenzamos el año visitando una de las conferencias más importantes de los Estados Unidos y terminamos visitando en menos de una semana las conferencias más reconocidas en la India y Brasil, ¡de locos! De todos ellos nos quedamos con lo mejor, es difícil elegir nuestro taller favorito, pero es cierto que siempre vamos a llevar en nuestros corazones la visita a la Toscana y el taller organizado por nuestro amigo Fabio Mirulla (Acme) con algunos de los mejores fotógrafos de boda.

No ha sido fácil crear una selección que describa a la perfección todas las experiencias que vivimos el año pasado, así que cuando creamos esta galería con nuestro mejor del 2018, decidimos elegir las fotos que más nos impresionaron y que tenían nuestra alma. Sin duda lo mejor del 2018.

No es una selección de nuestras mejores fotos, esta es una selección de nuestras favoritas.

Erika y yo queremos agradecer a todos los amigos y familiares que nos han apoyado durante todo el año. Desde grandes colegas que nos ayudaron a fotografiar algunas de nuestras bodas (Franck Boutonnet, Sanne de Block, Víctor Linares, Javier Rojas y Carlos Santanatalia, te amamos) a grandes empresas como Colorex que hicieron que nuestro trabajo brillara más que nunca.

Gracias amigos, os dejamos con lo mejor del 2018. Vamos a por el 19!

Fotos; Erika Biarnés & Víctor Lax

It´s time to show you our next wedding story. It happened at a small village called Ligüerre de Cinca in the Spanish Pyrenees.

Ligüerre is really special for us, we got married there just 4 years ago, so you can imagine how we are in love with this place. But, this is no the time for talking about our wedding, hahaha!, its time for our friends Lucía & Javier, the main characters of this beautiful love storie.

They are from Madrid and they are living in London, but they decided to organize their wedding and move all their guests to Ligüerre because they wanted to enjoy with everybody for a few days. Yes!, it was a three days wedding and everyone had the freedom to do what they wanted to. In fact, we were in shock when the first day (the day before wedding), we noticed the alcohol beverages were free for everybody, 24hrs/3days, hahaha!, top!

Erika and I, enjoyed a lot photographing this wedding, was super intense, crazy and at the same time very cool and romantic (we cannot forget the Lucia´s wedding dress designed by Beba´s closet, it was amazing)

It´s always a challenge to document a wedding, but weddings like this, is still more. The couple set no rules for us and gave us the chance to work freely to be absorbed by the atmosphere.

I´d like to say thanks to this lovely couple for giving us the opportunity to live an incredible experience at their wedding that we will never forget. Also, we want to say thanks to all Ligüerre Staff for helping us during the whole weekend, without you It wouldn’t have been possible to photograph this amazing storie.

 We can´t forget Sanne de Block for helping us to photograph this wedding, (it was a pleasure Sanne!!).

Hope you enjoy with our selection;

Photos; Erika Biarnés, Sanne de Block and Víctor Lax

There are moments in life that you would never change for anything in the world. Photographing Yannick and Jame´s  wedding at Castell Son Claret in Mallorca was one of them. Of course, I am sure that the Balearic spirit took control of this couple and all their guests and captivated them. This was one of the most incredible and intense weekends that Erika and I have ever lived this wedding season.

From the beginning, Yannick and all the bridal team were getting ready at Belmond La Residencia, one of the coolest hotel in Mallorca. Belmond La Residencia is located in Deia, in the most impressive side of Mallorca and the views of the Yannick´s Suite were amazing; The Mediterranean Sea and Deia… No words.  Meanwhile, in the other part of the Island,  at Castell Son Claret, James and his best friends were getting ready and spending really funny moments.  Erika and I, decided to photograph each one of them for separate and don´t miss anything, 😉

The day started perfectly and Yannick was marvelous. The incredible Elie Saab  wedding dress was perfect for her (Yannick had two wedding dresses,hahaha) , It only added more and more ingredients to have a perfect day

It seems common to say that a wedding is wonderful, but this one, simply was amazing, not just for decoration, which was spectacular, not only for the ceremony, which was unique and emotional, not only for the place, Belmond La Residencia & Castell Son Claret showed us their finery, but for a lovely couple and  families that will always have a place in my heart.

Also, as every year  we had a very special guests at our weddings. This time was our friend Franck Boutonnet, one of my best friends and best photographers I know in the world. Was a pleasure for me and Erika, learn a lot from him.

We took the best of them and especially of all those people with whom we met throughout the weekend and made this wedding a memorable one. I´d like to highlight the presence and dedication of Charlotte from Magicmed and her wedding planning team who were so helpful, professional and fantastic. And also Annika Fredriksson, who did an excellent job at making the bride and the bride maids shined. Stefan Hollenberg, who created an enchanting atmosphere when he lighted up the dance floor.

Erika and I, are very happy to show you this amazing Mallorca wedding, enjoy!

Photos; Erika Biarnés, Victor Lax & Franck Boutonnet


What a unforgettable wedding Erika , Alberto & I, lived with our super cool friends Deborah & Michael at La Quinta de Jarama in Madrid!

Deborah from London and Michael from Madrid, bot of them full of love and really excited with their wedding. Perfect ingredientes for an amazing day!

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I love photographing weddings like Marta & Arnau´s wedding, full of pure energy, happiness, love and passion.


This amazing couple got married at La Catedral del Mar in Barcelona, one of the most beautiful and best lighted cathedrals I’ve ever visited (I think Catedral del Mar doesn´t need to be introduce it, hahaha) . Afterwards, they celebrated to the máximum with their families and best friends at Masia Egara, a really cool wedding venue close to Barcelona.

Marta & Arnau are definitely one of those couples that I will never forget. The truth is that I must take off my hat before them and say to them thanks a lot for the trust, friendship and understanding they placed on me in such a special day for them.

Marta was so cool. The incredible Santos Costura wedding dress was perfect for her and added more more ingredients to have a perfect day.

I´m sure they will carry Masia Egara in their hearts and they won´t forget all the moments that they lived at their wedding. I remember many moments, especially when I was with Marta and her father on the back seat of their car going to the Catedral del Mar for the ceremony.

Marta & Arnau, thank you for everything, for giving me the opportunity to photograph your wedding in Barcelona, to make a hole in your heart.

Enjoy with our selection


Erika Biarnés & Víctor Lax


I love my job. It´s wonderful to photograph weddings in so many different places in a short space of time. Although I had visited Zurich a few times, this was a really special one, ;). When I received Adriana and Filip´s email it was a great joy for me that they had chosen Zurich as the framework for their wedding. Also, they decided to celebrate their wedding in one of the most historic and popular Hotel in Zurich called Atlantis By Giardino. This hotel is on the top of the city and you can imagine the views from the rooftop. Take a walk inside of Atlantis by Giardino is the same to remember the history of Zurich from the last 20 years.

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It´s time to show our next wedding story. It happened at a small castle in front of the Mediterranean Sea in the region of Tarragona.

When Vanessa and Jakob contacted and told us they are getting married at Castell de Tamarit, we were really excited. We´ve never visited The Castell of Tamarit before, it was our first time, Yes!!

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What a great wedding Erika & I, lived with our super cool friends Adela & Juan at El Chaparral in Madrid!

Model, Artist, Both Venezuelan, full of love and really exited with their wedding. Perfect ingredientes for an amazing day!

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We were lucky to photograph Görkem & Sofia´s wedding in Turkey two years ago.It was our first Turkish wedding and during all those days we had time to photograph, enjoy and of course have a really good experience with all their guests. In this way I met Raquel & javier, the protagonists of this love storie.

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Bye bye 2017, Hello 2018!!!

Erika and I, are proud to show you a little compilation of the best moments of last year. Very probably the most intense year in our life as a wedding photographer.

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